*We would like to do the following/Things being considered*



  • to be able to raise enough money to provide stipends to a group of DC Based participants (we can expand if we get special requests from folks elsewhere who really could benefit but otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend). *We know for a lot of folks who can benefit the most from these events often aren’t able to attend due to travel costs, admission fees and the fact that often many working class, black and brown trans and queer people are more focus on spending that time obtaining resources for theirs and their loved ones day to day needs. We could help offset some costs, by ask folks of privilege to donate a sliding scale fee.
  • Cover Travel to organizers and participants (who can’t cover it)*This is a given
  • Pay Trans & Queer Trainers/Organizers/facilitators/etc of color + Trainers/facilitators who are traveling.



Help us meet some of these goals by sharing and contributing to our Action Camp fund.

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