About NJNP Collective Housing

NJNP Collective Housing (NCH) has been a vital resource to DC's Trans & Queer Community and the larger Sex Worker Activist network within the DC Area. Started by No Justice No Pride in 2018 — in the wake of the passage of FOSTA/SESTA — to ensure safe housing for Black and Brown Trans People, particularly, for those currently or formerly engaged in sex work. NJNP is currently renting 5 safe houses with plans in the near future for a 6th. These safe houses, along with the broader DMV movement make up the NJNP Collective Housing’s network; allow us to provide housing to as many as 75 people a night.

Formally known as The NJNP Collective, NJNP Collective Housing (NCH) has been a vital resource to DC's Trans & Queer Community and the larger Sex Worker Activist network within the DC Area. With what started in 2018 as a single community home for Trans people displaced by criminalization and state violence, NCH’s network is growing with five safe houses (currently) and plans in the near future for one more plus a drop in space for those in need of emergency housing. NJNP Collective Housing has longer term plans and a vision to create a community where all our needs are met. Started by No Justice No Pride in April 2018 as a response to the increased criminalization and violence of Trans Sex Workers caused by the passage of FOSTA / SESTA. NJNP Collective Housing is one of few places in Washington DC providing intensive housing support to displaced Trans people, and in particular to those over the age of 24. With the addition of a 5th safe house, NJNP Collective housing has quickly become one of DC's largest LGBT Housing providers, all on a shoestring budget.

NJNP’s safe houses operate under principles of democratic self governance by each home's occupants. NJNP believes in the abolition of the prison system and self determination for marginalized communities. The principles and the processes under which NJNP Collective Housing operates has forced many to rethink the concept of housing as a resource.


“Solidarity not charity — Housing is a human right”

At NJNP, we don’t recognize what we do as services, we consider it a form of direct action, mutual aid, community support and building the world that we want to see but we understand many may refer to this language for a point of reference. Since 2018 and before, NJNP has additionally provided Rapid Response Support for our community members that ranges from organizing mutual aid & resources thru community support to providing housing, employment & help finding employment, access to jail and legal support, help accessing financial services, government administration services and more.


Permanent & Long Term Housing

For Black & Brown Trans Community members and former/current sex workers.

NJNP Collective Housing is currently supporting more than 30 Black & Brown Trans Women and 8 Butch Queens between the ages of 17-65 with long term and permanent housing, many of whom lack access to stable employment and need our help in order to remain in the district near vital resources and work.

We are hoping to double this capacity in 2021 by acquiring land and building permanent housing.

Short term and Transitional Housing

For those seeking emergency access to housing or a temporary place to stay.

NJNP provides temporary housing, and sometimes in rapid response/emergency situations for as many as 30 people a night at our safe houses or throughout our larger DC Movement network.

We are hoping to have a dedicated space for providing this support before the end of 2020.

Facilitating things that should just be accessible

In addition to providing housing, we also support Collective Members(those who stay at NCH) with Mutual Aid, love and care - This looks like but is not limited to:

  • Enrolling people in local medical programs and resources as patients,

  • Connecting with Mediators and community based mediation solutions,

  • healing spaces, and trauma informed mentors,

  • providing jail support & fundraising court costs,

  • connecting with lawyers,

  • providing patient advocacy at the emergency rooms,

  • Help fulfilling residency requirements and other types of support at the DMV,

  • Name & Gender Change guidance, and more.

We work with a network of community partners that include medical organizations and service based organizations to ease access to crucial health services. In addition, we also buddy with collective members to doctors and other medical appointments that sometimes TGNC community members miss from social anxiety.