The NJNP Collective

No Justice No Pride(NJNP) is creating Trans Sanctuary at the NJNP Collective

The NJNP Collective has been a vital resource to DC's Trans and Activist Community and currently has nine long term trans tenants, many of whom lack access to stable employment and need our help in order to remain in the district near vital resources and work.  No Justice No Pride (NJNP) additionally provides temporary housing, and sometimes in rapid response situations; for 5 to 20 young trans and queer people lacking stable housing a night at the collective or throughout our local network. 

In April 2018, with our communities facing increasing levels of violence because of FOSTA/SESTA, NJNP doubled-down on providing Rapid Response Support to our Trans familia and expanded our Trans Justice Program to include  organizing mutual aid & resources thru community support to provide housing, employment & help finding employment, access to jail and legal support, help accessing financial services, government administration services and more.

We started a pilot program (The Organizing Training Project) to develop the organizing and leadership skills of Trans folks of color most directly and disproportionately impacted by violences resulting from the criminalization of sex work while providing them stipends as an alternative form of employment to sex work.

After struggling to find a new place with more space over the summer the sisters of the NJNP House Collective have found a new home and  need your help make sure the Collective can thrive as its residents fight for trans rights and lives, while providing mutual aid and support to fellow community members. This aid includes   temporary housing; helping folks find jobs  through cover letter and resume writing assistance; helping folks  change their names and gender markers  on their ids;  providing meals; and  working with partners to respond to state terror that keeps so many trans and nonbinary folx from thriving.

We know that in order to center those most on the margins requires us to  support each other and our communities💕♥, to keep one another safe, fed, and housed as  we fight for a world that affirms us all, and we know that we can't do that without you!

Contribute to the expenses to operate the NJNP Collective! 
All funds raised will be used to help cover the costs of the House, including rent, utilities, food, and a House Manager. 

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