Take Action — Take Action

Our struggle was not only to bring Pride, but the ‘Equality’ Movement as a whole; back to its roots. This year — as we watch Pride and Equality Inc grapple with a movement that is becoming increasingly self aware of its birthplace amongst radical trans women of color — No Justice No Pride will be mobilizing with our communities, taking direct action in DC and elsewhere to continue Marsha and Sylvia’s legacies. We are also continuing our community support projects that were founded out of necessity and inspired by acts of solidarity throughout history such as the legendary S.T.A.R. House, and the Black Panthers breakfast program

Will you join us? 

Pledge to Mobilize: 50 Years since Stonewall

As No Justice No Pride takes action to continue Marsha and Sylvia's legacies, we call on others to join us in our demands for holistic solutions based on abolitionist principles for those most on the margins in the LGBTQ Community - particularly for Black and brown trans women, non-binary, two-spirit, gender non-conforming and queer people of color; for those engaged in the sex trade, for those fleeing violence in other countries - often caused or escalated by US Military or Economic interventions and other violence, for those who are criminalized by the police and developer bought politicians, for indigenous communities fighting to preserve the Native sovereignty on unceded lands and for all the land defenders and water protectors - that target systemic forces and root causes. Join Us Whether it be your local Pride organization or another 'well intentioned allied" institution complicit in white supremacy, we call on radical anti-racist trans and queer organizers to build, organize...

Take Action: (DC) Reclaim Pride

For years, Capital Pride has ignored the concerns of queer, trans, Black, Latinx, and Two-Spirit communities in D.C. regarding its complicity with entities that harm LGBTQ2S people. Since March 2017, No Justice No Pride has been working to ensure that Capital Pride addresses our concerns, but time and time we have been dismissed. Even in the current political moment - with the Trump Administration pursuing anti-immigrant, anti-trans, anti-LGBQ2S, anti-women, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-poor, and pro-white supremacist policies - Capital Pride insists on continuing business as usual, ignoring the most marginalized members of our community. We MUST fight back and bring pride back to it's roots. To this day, Capital Pride is reluctant to make systemic changes that could actually give the power of Pride back to the people whose voices and experiences are most crucial to the fight for our rights today. In June 2017, No Justice No Pride held a...