Friends, loved ones, Trans & Queer fam in DC and beyond! It has been an exalting time since NJNP first took the streets two years ago. Even with the likelihood that the Metropolitan Police Department will not be marching in Capital Pride’s Annual parade, NJNP is not done yet.

Despite calls from established City-aligned LGBT Organizations to honor Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera on the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, ‘Celebrate resistance’, ‘Pride was a protest’ and aiming their sights performatively at the Trump Administration; few will actually acknowledge that Marsha, Sylvia and others were sex workers and even fewer will acknowledge and call attention to how trans women sex workers in the District of Columbia are still criminalized nearly every night. And surely, none will call attention to how the current Mayoral Administration as well as Career City Council leaders have written and implemented policies that led to developers seizing large control of DC property and little benefit to the local and historic community, which in combination with displacing sex workers and working class Black and Brown communities has also led to the increased criminalization of these communities from our public transit systems to our schools, to housing and so on.

For this reason —  with NJNP receiving dozens of requests weekly from community members seeking emergency housing, help with obtaining legal advice and support funds, support with meals or accessing medical services including for patient advocacy — our work is so much more vital to provide advocacy tools and resources to DC’s Trans and Queer communities in particularly Black and Brown trans sex worker communities to further build the community power we need to keep each other safe.  

Join No Justice No Pride, Trans Latinx, Nelwat Ishkamewe, Trans United and others for two weeks of skill shares, workshops, courses and lessons in political education, creative direct action, community support, choreography & dance, modeling & runway, cosmetology and more.❤ ❤ ❤

Check out below on ways to register as a participant, how to plug into planning and other Action Camp Resources: