Advocacy Platform

  • Community safety and alternatives to incarceration

    The City ends its practice of incarcerating Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) People of Color, particolarly youth and trans women & femmes. In place of this practice, the City will create a diversion program that provides services to trans people living on the margins, who by necessity are often forced to participate in underground economies. Further:


    • The City deprioritize arrests for solicitation and other related offenses;
    • The City expand access to Crime Victims Compensation Programs (CVCP) so that victims of a crime who engage in sex work can comfortably report the crime and seek legal remedy without facing charges related to their means of employment;
    • The City folly decriminalize sex work by the year 2019.
    • The City expand access to Crime Victims Compensation Programs (CVCP) so that victims who are TGNC have access to individual temporary housing.
    • Diversion program to not involve MPD management or input and further:
      • Will seek input from TGNC Community members via Survey conducted by city, A TGNC Task Force, and the Sex Workers Advocacy Coalition.




  • Mayoral Accountability

    Mayor Bower fulfills her campaign promises to the District of Columbia’s Trans & Gender Non-conforming(TGNC) and Queer communities by:


    • Addressing hate crimes that target TGNC and queer communities - particularly in cases where said crimes are committed by officers or other employees of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) - who in committing such crimes break oaths to protect and defend the citizens of the District of Columbia. In such cases - even while evidence is being collected - the perpetrator shall be immediately removed from duty, and the MPD shall cooperate fully and transparently with the victim’s communities in order to ensure due process during the investigation;
    • Designing and implementing a cross-agency strategy whose purpose is to identify and reduce violence directed toward TGNC and queer persons, especially young people and community members of color;
    • Providing a thorough and transparent report on what the Bowser Administration is doing to reduce the harassment of trans and queer youths in their schools, in their homes, and on the streets.




  • Following through on equitable access

    The City immediately reviews compliance of administrative and front line staff in all city District of Columbia government agencies with the District’s “Gender Identity or Expression” legal protections for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, and ensure that all staff are adequately trained to adhere to these standards, Additionally,



    • D.C. City Council folly pass, fund and implement the Street Harassment Prevention Act.
    • District of Columbia forms TGNC Community Taskforce (TCTF) - of TGNC community leaders and experts of color leading guidance as the city develops and sustains programs and policies that support these communities. Members of this community taskforce must not be appointed by or be led by in any way by the Government of the District of Columbia or the Metropolitan Police Department.
    • The city in coordination with the TCTF will coordinate city wide second ever DC Trans Needs Assessment to better understand the needs of ALL TGNC Community Members, in the age of Trump and after.