Sunday — 5/19/2019 2PM-9PM @ Wooly Mammoth Theater - 641 D St NW, DC 20004

2:00PM CAMP50 Orientation - CAMP50

Room: Lobby


2:30PM Session 1 - Real 50 Runway

Runway: Something as simply as walking Left ,Right, Left Right, But With A Touch ENERGY. NOT ONLY Would you be learning the basic but also Technical Runway, NewYork Fashion Runway & Many Moree
-Choreography: You can just be a runway but if you like to move We Got That To well be teaching you some BAM BAM SHWAMING

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Room: Melton Rehearsal Hall Event Type:Workshop


4:00PM Basic Direct Action Training - Direct Action 101 Training

This Direct Action 101 Training is an introduction to direct action/ civil disobedience, which includes various types of protests such as marches, blockades, and sit-ins. If you wish to attend Camp Escapade — #Camp50 DA Creative Tactics Workshop. but never attended a Direct Action 101 Training it would be smart for you to attend this.Facilitators will discuss what direct action is, why we use direct action as opposed to other methods, what tools we may use, and what political moment we are in, as well as what to expect from the police, and how to be flexible in the various situations we may find ourselves in.

*****RSVP To attend:*******
ASL and Spanish interpretation upon request.
Room: Kogod Lobby Event Type:Training


6:30PM Dinner - CAMP50

Room: Kogod Lobby Event Type:Convergence Space + Meals


7:00PM General Assembly - CAMP50


Room: Kogod Lobby Event Type:Large Meeting


9:00PM Open Slot - Your Event or workshop?

Room: Kogod Lobby Event Type:Open Slot

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