Wednesday — 5/22/2019 6PM-9:30PM @ Eaton DC - 1201 K St NW, DC 20005

6:00PM CAMP50 Welcome  / Registration Table + Convergence space - CAMP50

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Convergence Space


6:00PM Session 2 - Forever Dance

Read More:
Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Workshop


7:30PM Workshop - Consent in the Movement

participants will gain a greater confidence towards and understanding of articulating and expressing boundaries, initiating difficult conversations, and contextualizing consent.

Event Goals: participants will role-play challenging situations and rehearse what to say in certain cases. they will imagine different structures and policies that will enable a healthier and more consenting organizing environment for the places where participants are already engaged

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Workshop


8:30PM Healing Space - BYP100

Workshop on theirstory of participatory defense campaigns, how it relates to abolition, and skills on how to create one in your local city

Event Goals:

1) Understand how participatory defense campaign fits within abolition
2) Learn about current campaigns to get involved in
3) Learn the different skills used within this type of campaign
4) Scenario based activities + timeline activity

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Workshop

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