Thursday — 5/23/2019 5PM-10:30PM @ Eaton DC - 1201 K St NW, DC 20005

5:00PM CAMP50 Welcome  / Registration Table + Convergence space - CAMP50

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Convergence Space


5:00PM Open Slot - Your Event or workshop?

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Open Slot


6:00PM Session 3 - Real 50 Runway

Read more:
Room: SIDNEY Event Type:Training


7:00PM Abolition 101 + letter writing to incarcerated trans + queer folks & sex workers  - BYP100

Room: BARNETT-ADEN Event Type:Workshop


8:30PM Happy Birthday Marsha! - CAMP50

"Happy Birthday, Marsha! is a film about iconic transgender artist and activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson and her life in the hours before she ignited the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City."

The film stars Mya Taylor as Marsha P. Johnson. Written and directed by Tourmaline and Sasha Wortzel. Read more:

Room: THEATRE & SCREENING ROOM Event Type:Performance/Screening

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