Camp50 Workshop & Event Submissions

Do you have a workshop, training, skillshare etc to share with the community? We can’t do this without you!  It doesn’t have to be a workshop or skillshare, it can be a healing space, a performance, an art build, film screenings, etc, we have some sample criteria below for you to think about before submitting.

You can submit a workshop or event here

We will be accepting submissions up until May 7th!


Suggested Criteria —

To save space on our workshop submission form we asked that any group/persons wishing to coordinate a workshop or event, to try to hit at least half of these points of criteria. If you are requesting a stipend from NJNP to do your workshop, we may ask for the criteria to be followed more strictly. NJNP believes in autonomous principles and are not wanting to box any group in, however we do wish to set a standard to ensure Camp50 benefits the Trans Community; we are not asking that all criteria is met exactly as written here, only that your event or workshop is inline or in consensus with what’s listed below (Some bullet items may not even apply for your event):

  • It clearly benefits the trans community, particularly Black and Brown Trans Women.
  • Your workshop or event should build off of existing campaigning, organizing and issues in the DC area. Let us know if you have questions or would like to be plugged in with any local organizing.
  • Aligns with NJNP’s Vision

    We ask that when planning your event that your goals supports the following:
    • Creating a connected transnational movement of Trans and Queer people, led/informed by those most on the margins — Black and Brown Communities, indigenous communities, two-spirit, formerly incarcerated, disabled communities - not to box in- — Thriving and succeeding at building the world that affirms us all.
    • Create space for most impacted Trans, nonbinary, queer, lgbtq, poc, sex workers, folks on the margins to be able to have public space and attention/being centered in conversations, advocacy, media; folks whose politics are more radical than liberal/conservative
    • Flip institutional power of queer and Trans communities away from “established” to most impacted. Providing counternarratives to what is (b/c of the way systems are structured) has just one very loud/heard narrative
  • Follows and adheres to DC Local Organizing Principles.
  • Your group is lead or has trans folks in leadership or your workshop/event will have trans facilitators or organizers.
  • Your group is lead by or has in leadership Black and Brown Trans and Queer folks or your workshop/event will have Black and Brown facilitators or organizers.
  • You don’t fuck with the police.
  • You don’t fuck with the police.
  • You don’t fuck with the police.

Logistics, Housekeeping and what else to expect:

What No Justice No Pride and the core planning team are providing:
  • Overall coordination and promotion of Camp 50 to ensure as much collaboration as possible.
  • Two weeks of trainings, skill shares, plays,  film screenings and other pre-pride festivities.
  • Coordination & Booking of four Venues with different features. Including places for providing meals.
  • Two Direct Action 101s, a four day long training on Direct Action Tactics such as climbing and blockades, a series of workshops on community organizing and action planning, workshops on choreography, runway & modeling and cosmetology, and (hopefully) a convergence space.
  • Coordinating Public and Private large planning meetings during the actioncamp to plan actions around #Stonewall50
  • Stipends to participants who are sex workers, Trans - BIPoC.
  • Stipends to facilitator/trainers/organizers who are from TQBIPoC communities by request.
  • Basic logistics - PA Systems, chairs & tables, snacks up to a limit, etc

What you will need to provide:
    • Your programming! What is it you are trying to do? What do you hope the participants wish to get out of your event?
    • One point of contact — to talk thru the plan with the core team
    • Facilitators, Trainers, Interpretations, etc — We have limited facilitation capacity, groups/individuals making submissions will have to figure out their own staffing. We can help provide coordination for anyone wishing to volunteer to facilitate
    • Outreach for your event — We will include it in our schedule and promotions however inviting participants and doing turn out to your event will be on you. We will be using the hashtags #Stonewall50 and #Camp50, and are happy to cohost the event on our facebook page, feel free to reach out to [email protected] for further social media coordination
    • Printing Materials — We have a limited print budget, we can print additional resources for you if its needed but we encourage you to try to fundraise it.
    • A plan for where the participants go from there. Do they plug into your work or another group? Are you hoping for participants to come to future events? Try to think thru and have a plan for how participants can benefit/plug in to your project over the course of the next few months. This is for your purposes, we don’t need to see it. We just want to encourage capacity building wherever we can!
    • If you are submitting on behalf of an Organization and your org’s 2018 budget was greater than 85k, we ask that you contribute to and share our gofundme page to help us raise funds to provide participant stipends. We are asking groups with budgets of 85k or larger to make suggested donation starting at $100, groups with budgets greater than 120k to contribute $150, budgets greater than 160k to donate 200, etc.
Check Back for updates!

We will be updating this page with resources as we continue the planning process! We will be accepting submissions up until May 7th!