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Help NJNP respond to COVID-19

This statement and call to action is a work in progress and will be updated as conditions change or are more known.

No Justice No Pride (NJNP) has been one of the few community groups providing dedicated support, mutual aid and care; to DC’s Transgender community. NJNP Collective housing, which was started by NJNP as a response to FOSTA/SESTA; provides long term and emergency housing to as many as 50 individuals a night. Coronavirus — or what is being called COVID-19 — can have devastating impacts on both the individuals who stay at our safe houses as well as people in our broader community.  We are deeply concerned for the lack of care by our Federal Government with their response to this crisis. We are deeply concerned with the lack of disregard by our Mayor and her administration to individuals living in DC with HIV who may be affected. 

Please email [email protected] in order to support. As we respond to our communities in need we are asking for support in the following ways:

NJNP Collective needs support obtaining cleaning supplies, hygiene products and food  —  
Our three safe houses are low cleaning supplies, we need donations of hand sanitizers, clorox wipes, surface cleaning sprays, swiffer wipes for mopping, rubber gloves, paper towels, etc. Additionally, some members of the collective are avoiding leaving the house due to their risk factors. We can use help supporting them by getting them groceries or by getting NJNP instacart gift cards.

To coordinate obtaining cleaning supplies, hygiene products and food for our houses, please email [email protected], with the subject line ‘NJNP In-Kind Support.’

Support for emergency funds/Microgrants — 
Before we go in on how we are concerned for sex workers who may suffer from loss of clients as this crisis affects the economy, we are concerned about how the spread of COVID-19 may affect work environments for sex workers. Transmission has most been documented by individuals who are traveling, sex workers often work out of motels and we are concerned about potential crossover. We are asking community to help us raise funds for emergency microgrants to be given to Trans sex workers, not just as a form of relief for an industry that has no workplace safety net that is being affected by COVID-19 but additionally to help reduce the dependance on traveling to motels.

Contributions can be made by donating below or by going here.

Volunteers for Patient Advocates at area hospitals — 
Over the past three years NJNP has been frequently responding to area emergency rooms with trans community members seeking emergency care and have been abhorred by the treatment of these individuals from the registration process to the triage units. We know many Black and Brown Trans Women avoid hospitals, in particular emergency rooms; when seeking care from past traumas.

We have witnessed trans community members voluntarily discharge themselves before they are fully evaluated due to behaviors from hospital staffers, this includes the doctors and nurses who are directly assessing their care.  As this crisis gets worse, we know the likelihood that type of treatment may additionally get worse; and we are concerned for the many in our community who may not seek care when they truly need it because of this. In our response, we are asking community members to volunteer to be patient advocates. While this may not be needed right away we are hoping to recruit people for the future as it gets worse. please email [email protected], with the subject line ‘Supporting Patients’; and we will email you about next steps which may include a video call for some quick training. 

Alternatives for sex workers
We are asking fellow sex workers and collective members to, instead of meeting with clients in person; consider working the long game of building a subscriber base thru services like or We know from experience, this can take a bit to get off the ground which might not exactly be motivating for sex workers so we are looking for ways to support with this. Our Micro-grants are currently very limited but as mentioned above we are hoping to be able to raise funds to expand. Black and Brown Trans sexworkers in the DMV area can additionally email [email protected] with the subject line “COVID-19 DMV Emergency funds”.


Please keep in mind that there may be some delays on request as most of us are volunteers.

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