May 26, 2019

De-Mystifying the Decriminalization of Sex Work

Safe Communities start with Resources, Not Arrests: De-Mystifying the Decriminalization of Sex Work

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During our involvement with SWAC, and the larger campaign to Decriminalize Sex Work; we've heard a number of things about sex work that are based on misinformation and we are setting the record straight.

The District, like most cities and states, has long had criminal penalties for consensual sexual exchange. Although widely used, such an approach has never worked – instead it only serves to harm those most vulnerable while fostering violence and exploitation. It is time for DC to take a different approach. Trans Women engage in sex work at a rate ten times that of cisgender women and 37% of DC's trans sex workers are homeless. Street-based sex workers who are engaged in survival sex work often bear the brunt of criminalization. 

Check out some more myths and facts in these two amazing resources put together with the help of our community partners Collective Action For Safe Spaces below:

Sex_Work_Poster 2.pdf

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