DC Councilmember Allen: Hold a Hearing on Sex Work Decriminalization

Councilmember Allen - Criminalization is one of the primary sources of violence against Black women and women of color, specifically transgender and gender non-conforming people of color. It increases women and girls’ susceptibility to being shuttled through prisons and experiencing abuse at the hands of police and corrections officers. The District has one of the highest number of Trans residents per capita, yet the Trans unemployment rate is estimated to be around 50%. According to the DC Trans Needs Assessment Report from 2015 - which to date, the largest...

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Councilmember Allen -

D.C.'s sex work criminalization policies have failed to deter violence and improve public safety. They have instead made it more difficult for sex workers to seek safety due to the significant risk of arrest - instead of protection - and have lead to the detention and deportation of documented and undocumented Trans and Queer migrants, many whom entered the United States' claimed borders to seek safety from grave human rights violations in their home countries and build better lives for themselves and their families. As these forces push Trans and Gender Nonconforming people into underground economies, the District’s policy of criminalization makes this dangerous work, contributing to the devastatingly short life expectancies of Trans Women of color.

As chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, we urge you to bring the “Promoting Public Safety and Health by Reducing Criminalization Amendment Act of 2017” to a hearing and facilitate formal community dialogue about efforts to decriminalize sex work in the District.

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