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Unfair laws that criminalize sex work strip people of other employment options upon conviction, bar people from housing and lead to unsafe jail conditions for trans women in the sex trade. In order to make our city safer for everyone - and marginalized communities in particular, join us in urging DC Councilmember Allen to hold a hearing on the Reducing Criminalization to Improve Community Safety and Health Amendment Act.

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Safe Communities start with resources, not arrests!

In 2017, with the support of No Justice No Pride and other members of The Sex Worker Advocates Coalition (“SWAC”); Councilmember Grosso introduced the 'Reducing Criminalization to Promote Public Safety and Health Amendment Act' to the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety. The Bill, if passed would decriminalize sex work while creating other measures to keep our communities safe. Last year it died in committee because Councilmember Charles Allen, who is the Chair of the Judiciary Committee never scheduled a hearing or vote. This June, Councilmember Grosso is reintroducing the bill and we can’t let it fail!

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