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Unfair laws that criminalize sex work strip people of other employment options upon conviction, bar people from housing and lead to unsafe jail conditions for trans women in the sex trade. In order to make our city safer for everyone - and marginalized communities in particular, join us in urging DC Councilmember Allen to hold a hearing on the Reducing Criminalization to Improve Community Safety and Health Amendment Act.

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As the legacy of those who started Pride, Black and Brown Trans Women named Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera are celebrated this year; the Sylvia's and the Marsha's of today in D.C. are criminalized, displaced and when we voice what we've needed most we are left unheard. But you can change that today. We must close the gap on safety for our communities. Marsha & Sylvia were sex workers, who gave housing to the homeless and fought for abolition not criminalization. Research shows that over 80 percent of street-based sex workers experience violence in the course of their work. Criminal penalties have also made sex workers more vulnerable to violence and police abuse. By removing criminal penalties, this legislation will reduce the vulnerability of sex workers to exploitation and violence, promote public health by improving access to services, and help address human trafficking. The DC Trans Needs Assessment showed 41% of Trans sex workers in DC felt sex work was their only option for income. If passed B23-0318, The Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019; would remove the criminal penalties associated with sex exchange, maintain existing laws on sex trafficking, and establish a task force to evaluate the impact.

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Do you live in Wards 7, 3 or 2? Tell your Council Member to support #DecrimNow!

Last year, Allen said he didn’t believe it had support to pass in the Council but his role as Chair is to call a hearing to engage the wider community about this issue. We deserve to have our voices heard. Tell Judiciary Committee Chair Allen, to hold a hearing once the bill is reintroduced. Safe communities start with resources, not arrests!

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