No Justice No Pride

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Those with the most power in the “progressive” movement continue to dedicate their resources to a trickle-down approach to justice that claims the voices, profits from the traumas, and ignores the lived violence faced by trans and queer+ communities—especially those of folks who are black, brown, Muslim, migrants, indigenous, and/or disabled. Let’s be clear: a movement that seeks freedom for some, at the expense of others, is destined to fail.

Say no to complicity with systems of oppression by joining us today and making a recurring or one-time donation to support an intersectional movement for trans and queer + Liberation!

When you donate online to No Justice No Pride (NJNP), you join a grassroots movement that:

-Centers the voices of communities abandoned by the larger “Equality” Movement

-Holds those with the most power in the “progressive”  movement accountable to the communities they use and exclude

-Organizes locally to support policies that help the largest per capita trans identified population in the U.S.

-Provides funding for jail support and other resources to NJNP affiliated activists around the nation

-Brings Pride back to its radical roots created by trans women of color  

With your help, together we can fight for the rights of the most marginalized in our larger community, bring Pride back to its roots, and one day fulfill the promise of collective LGBTQ2SIA+ Liberation!