No Justice No Pride

Support No Justice No Prides Critical work in 2020!

2019 was a helluva year for No Justice No Pride, from banner drops to hearing mobilizations, building the world that we want to see with collective housing, fighting back against state violence and more.

Please consider supporting NJNP's work in 2020! Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. 

In, 2019 when our communities were under attack NJNP started providing Microgrants (as we had available funding) to Trans Sex Workers in need.

  • $4,700 for safe rides
  • $1500 for rent, food and phone bill assistance

NJNP continued supporting The NJNP Collective and has since expanded to two houses and is working on a third. In 2019, NJNP raised more than $78,000 for The NJNP Collective housing costs and hosted a more than 7300 Nights
Sheltered Nights. (Sheltered Nights = Daily Capacity * Days in a year)

NJNP supported community with Mutual Aid, love and care -
In 2019, NJNP supported 46 Individuals being connected to legal or medical help. This looks like but is not limited to:

  • enrolling people in local medical programs and resources as patients,
  • providing jail support & fundraising court costs, connecting with lawyers,
  • providing patient advocacy at the emergency rooms,
  • help fulfilling residency requirements and other types of support at the DMV,
  • Name & Gender Change guidance, and more.

AND That's NOT ALL!!!!

  • In 2019 NJNP Planned or participated in 23 Actions, including our June 3rd Banner drop and #StonewallIsNow Rally for DecrimNow.
  • NJNP provided Stipends to 21 Trans Individuals thru our Organizing in Training Program or at our #CAMP50 Actioncamp this past May.
  • NJNP Mobilized 155 volunteers from signing a form online to making it in person at an event or at the NJNP Collective!

Check out our EOY 2019 Annual Report for more NJNP action!

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