Following through on equitable access

The City immediately reviews compliance of administrative and front line staff in all city District of Columbia government agencies with the District’s “Gender Identity or Expression” legal protections for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, and ensure that all staff are adequately trained to adhere to these standards, Additionally,



  • D.C. City Council folly pass, fund and implement the Street Harassment Prevention Act.
  • District of Columbia forms TGNC Community Taskforce (TCTF) - of TGNC community leaders and experts of color leading guidance as the city develops and sustains programs and policies that support these communities. Members of this community taskforce must not be appointed by or be led by in any way by the Government of the District of Columbia or the Metropolitan Police Department.
  • The city in coordination with the TCTF will coordinate city wide second ever DC Trans Needs Assessment to better understand the needs of ALL TGNC Community Members, in the age of Trump and after.




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