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Back in May, we wrote about why sex workers don't need more failed diversion programs and instead sex workers need housing. The fight to decriminalize sex work has been fierce and Mayor Bowser implementing a useless diversion program isn't our only concern.

In an Aug. 10 op-ed, “Making D.C. a ‘sex tourist destination’?,” the author criticized our Decrim Bill (DC B23-0318), advocating criminalizing customers and decriminalizing sex workers. This has been a failed policy wherever it has been tried — Sweden, France, Canada — because criminalizing one party involved in a mutual economic exchange indirectly impacts the other party as well: Both operate in a clandestine, risky way

We are being clear, WE NEED FULL DECRIM NOW!. Whether it be diversion, partial decrim or Council Member Phil Mendelson pretending to be oblivious; We're going to need support and help! Sign up to the right to get updates and find out ways you can plug into the DecrimNow Campaign!


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"This legal model also creates harm. There are three main reasons where the model creates harm. Firstly instead of protecting sex workers as the model intended to, it has made conditions worse for many sex workers in Sweden. " - The Swedish Model: Why partial criminalisation of sex work will not help sex workers or SA society


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