Mayoral Accountability

Mayor Bower fulfills her campaign promises to the District of Columbia’s Trans & Gender Non-conforming(TGNC) and Queer communities by:

  • Addressing hate crimes that target TGNC and queer communities - particularly in cases where said crimes are committed by officers or other employees of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) - who in committing such crimes break oaths to protect and defend the citizens of the District of Columbia. In such cases - even while evidence is being collected - the perpetrator shall be immediately removed from duty, and the MPD shall cooperate fully and transparently with the victim’s communities in order to ensure due process during the investigation;
  • Designing and implementing a cross-agency strategy whose purpose is to identify and reduce violence directed toward TGNC and queer persons, especially young people and community members of color;
  • Providing a thorough and transparent report on what the Bowser Administration is doing to reduce the harassment of trans and queer youths in their schools, in their homes, and on the streets.