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Name Change J28!

Are you a DC resident, Trans and need help with a name change?
Join NJNP on Jan 28th. This will not be your typical name change clinic. We are planning on bringing as many people as possible to get their name changed at once.

If you are hoping to get your name change on January 28th, please RSVP to our event on Facebook.

We are looking for volunteers and are also looking for organizations and groups to help support as well. Please check out our toolkit for more information.

We are planning on financially sponsoring Name Change seekers. We have every intention on doing this with no questions ask. Each individual's name change cost (not including later costs at the DMV) runs on average $85. We do not have any grant funding for this and are doing this because we believe it is a necessity for our community and fully believe this should be a no barrier process.

What is the process for changing name and gender in DC -

This is not a legal description. For the sake of time this process is paraphrased from a Whitman Walker Name and gender change guide.  The process isn’t always the same for everyone. For some individuals, having an amended birth certificate is crucial, for others not so much. Some folks may need to contact different agencies depending on their individual situation. For example, if you are undergoing a change in immigation status; you may in addition need to change our name and gender with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Note: You no longer need a court order to change your gender marker at the DMV. We will help name change participants if they wish, but with it no longer being a requirement at the DMV, people commonly do this last now.

Name and gender process in DC (with the minimal amount of steps, read the detailed overview of each step here. )

  1. Obtaining a Court Order for Change of Name (we will start this on Jan 28th)
  2. Changing your name and gender with the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  3. Changing your name and gender with the DC Department of Motor Vehicles
  4. Changing your name with the Selective Service

Additional steps to the process in DC

(that may or may not be necessary depending on the person)

  • Changing your name and gender with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Changing your name and gender with the DC Department of Human Services, Economic Security Administration (DC-ESA), insurance providers, creditors, and others
  • Obtaining a Court Order for Change of Gender
  • Changing your name and gender on your birth certificate

What we will be supporting folks with on January 28th —

Beginning the process of obtaining a Court Order for Change of Name - as listed above. This is only the first step in the process and it has its own set of steps. Here is what steps we will be supporting on the 28th:

  1. File Application for Change of Name of an Adult with the Judge in Chambers

    After filing each individual will receive the following:
  1. A copy of the signed Application for Change of Name
  2. A copy of the signed and completed Order and Notice of Final Hearing
  3. A fixed date, usually 45-65 days out; on which to return (specified in the Order and Notice of Final hearing — We will be coming back to support folks for their final hearing)
  1. Notifying some peoples - The judge will deny them if they dont do this.
    When we are done in the Judge in Chambers on the 28th we will need to make copies, and mail USPS certified; of the Order and Notice of FInal Hearing, and the completed application to interested parties, such as your bank, the cell phone company, DOC, court services, if you were arrested and charged with anything in DC the Chief of police, etc. It sucks but we gonna support folks thru this on the 28th.

Then We will come back and support in 45-65 days…

Before we are able to go onto the Social Security Office and the DMV, we need to come back and support folks for their Hearing which will be included in the Order and notice.

  1. The Hearing — we will be mobilizing support to come back to support folks for the final hearing. USPS will send a Green slip for each party, that was sent the order which will be required at the hearing. After the hearing the order for name change will be granted.

We will be supporting folks with the other steps in the process as well and will provide the breakdown in steps as we get closer to those dates. Please check out this resource by whitman walker for a deeper breakdown.

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