NJNP Collaborative Vision Statement (2018)

The following is the outcome of a meeting with NJNP current and former members from February 2018 where NJNP organizers talked openly about their vision for NJNP.

Just like NJNP’s Principles, this is not meant to be an exhausting list but of the things we most wish to change in this world at the time. (Let us know how we are doing on this vision three years later.)  Check out our the feedback from our 2018 Vision session here.

Trans Autonomism - Creating communities, both physical and metaphorical. Build the village.

  • A connected transnational movement of Trans and Queer people, led/informed by those most on the margins — Black and Brown Communities, indigenous communities, two-spirit, formerly incarcerated, disabled communities - not to box in- — Thriving and succeeding at building the world that affirms us all. 
  • Creating / strengthen networks of Solidarity and mutual aid until that world is built:
    • Create space for most impacted Trans, nonbinary, queer, lgbtq, poc, sex workers, folks on the margins to be able to have public space and attention/being centered in conversations, advocacy, media; folks whose politics are more radical than liberal/conservative
      • Hope to give these folks more options
      • Build towards liberation
      • Hone in on issues that don’t often get prioritized/talked about, such as Transportation.
    • Creating space by offering resources including training to folks interested in doing chapters and/or their own thing around Trans/queer++ liberation in their own communities.
  • Flip institutional power of queer and Trans communities away from “established” to most impacted.
  • Holistically Supporting networks and work and give support to the networks NJNP is connected to, supporting the grassroots leaders of color who are doing the most progressive work, instead of the groups whose decisions are being made by predominantly white, male, cisgender, wealthy, etc.

Providing counternarratives to what is (because of the way systems are structured) has just one very loud/heard narrative.

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