No Justice No Pride Encouraged by Leadership Changes at Capital Pride Alliance

These changes would not have come about without direct pressure applied by No Justice No Pride.

January 24, 2018

On Wednesday, January 24, the Capital Pride Alliance announced substantial changes to its leadership structure and board membership. No Justice No Pride released the following statement in response:

“We are encouraged to see Capital Pride taking steps to make its board more representative of the communities it serves,” said Emmelia Talarico, Chair of No Justice No Pride’s Steering Committee. “But make no mistake. These changes would not have come about without direct pressure applied by No Justice No Pride and our supporters.”

“In our interactions with Capital Pride’s new leadership, we have experienced a level of openness and communication that did not exist with their previous leadership. This is a step forward. Nonetheless, Capital Pride has its work cut out when it comes to making the transformative changes necessary to truly make Pride an event that the entire community can be proud of.”

“We look forward to working with Capital Pride’s new leadership to reach solutions regarding Capital Pride’s problematic sponsors who are invested in the marginalization of trans and queer people of color, and regarding Capital Pride’s collaboration with the Metro Police Department. Considering the significant uptick in MPD’s use of force against DC’s black residents — as outlined in MPD’s recent 2017 use of force report — it is now more important than ever to encourage those representing DC’s trans and queer communities to support alternatives to policing and apply pressure for significant, transformative police reform.”

“Our struggle to bring Pride back to its roots — as an event that speaks for the most marginalized in our communities, and is welcoming and supportive of everyone in DC’s trans and queer community — is not over. But this is a promising step forward.”

Contact: Drew Ambrogi
[email protected]