No Justice No Pride

Support Black & Brown Trans Organizing

Support Black & Brown Trans Organizing

Long before Covid-19, No Justice No Pride has been providing weekly stipends to Black and Brown trans people who currently or formerly are sex workers for their organizing and mutual aid support work.

Since April we have increased our capacity and have been providing stipends up to 17 BIPOC Trans people from $400-$600 each week.

This work has looked like distilling alcohol to make hand sanitizer for community members, hotline support for DCMA ward support hotlines, trauma and crisis relief work, action planning, growing food gardens, house monitoring are safe houses and so much more.

During this same period we launched and managed our Covid19 Rapid response fund for DC Area Sex Workers. Through our rapid response fund, we were able to grant more than 215 requests, providing more than $90,000 to those most impacted by Covid-19 in the DC Area.

May & June felt like a lifetime, as NJNP organizers successfully pushed Capital Pride Alliance to completely end their ties with the MPD which followed by a NJNP Organized pride march and block party at Mayor Bowser's House that called for the divestment of the Metropolitan Police Department(MPD). #DefundMPD

We just expanded our NJNP Collective Housing program with a 4th safe house and we are getting ready to open an additional one in August. Our vision for a collective future is only growing while obtaining a permanent property, we are tearing down a world that harms us and building the world we want to see from the ashes at the same time. And we need your help.

Help us continue this crucial work while we keep us safe.

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