Pledge to Mobilize: 50 Years since Stonewall


If you are skeptical about the preformative call to actions led by the “Equality” movement, namely Pride Inc., to lift up trans lives on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall this year, you are not alone.

Our struggle was not only to bring Pride, but the ‘Equality’ Movement as a whole; back to its roots. This year — as we watch Pride and Equality Inc grapple with a movement that is becoming increasingly self aware of its birthplace amongst radical trans women of color — No Justice No Pride will be mobilizing with our communities, taking direct action in DC and elsewhere to continue Marsha and Sylvia’s legacies.We are also continuing our community support projects that were founded out of necessity and inspired by acts of solidarity throughout history such as the legendary S.T.A.R. House, and the Black Panthers breakfast program. 

Will you join us?

Read our entire call to action, here.

Will you pledge to mobilize?

We will let you know when there are planning, organizing and action oppertunities in your local area; as well as send you organizing resources and updates

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