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  • DIY: Make your own sanitizer, sanitation wipes, etc

  • Coronavirus Live Updates

    Please follow this page as an ongoing live archive of our response to COV-2019 and find ways to support and plug in.

    No Justice No Pride (NJNP) has been one of the few community groups providing dedicated support, mutual aid and care; to DC’s Transgender community. NJNP Collective housing, which was started by NJNP as a response to FOSTA/SESTA; provides long term and emergency housing to as many as 50 individuals a night.

    Coronavirus — or what is being called COVID-19 — can have devastating impacts on both the individuals who stay at our safe houses as well as people in our broader community. We are deeply concerned for the lack of care by our Federal Government with their response to this crisis. We are deeply concerned with the lack of disregard by our Mayor and her administration to individuals living in DC with HIV who may be affected. 

    Please note, nothing shared here, unless otherwise stated is intended to be interpreted as medical advice. Some of us are seasoned activists, have former EMT or street medic experience, caregivers, sex workers and more.

  • COVID-19 Temp work

    Fill out this form to get a NJNP temp position
    First pay will be disbursed after April 3rd - each assignment is a weekly stipend with the exception of inventory with varying rates. More positions will be added daily. If you don't see one that works for you check back tomorrow. After filling out the form you will be redirected to another form to fill out your W9 and agree to NJNP Principles.

    Check the available positions below on the left hand side. 

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