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  • Download the summary of the first phase of our Community Storytelling Project!

    No Justice No Pride is engaged in work to support multiple pieces of local legislation to decriminalize Fare Evasion and sex work along with finding solutions to those most on the margins within the TGNC Community.

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  • Our Liberation Requires Decriminalization — Debunking Sex Work Myths

    The District, like most cities and states, has long had criminal penalties for consensual sexual exchange. Although widely used, such an approach has never worked – instead it only serves to harm those most vulnerable while fostering violence and exploitation. It is time for DC to take a different approach.

    Trans Women engage in sex work at a rate ten times that of cisgender women and 37% of DC's trans sex workers are homeless. Street-based sex workers who are engaged in survival sex work often bear the brunt of criminalization. 


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