Trans Justice — Trans Justice

  • Community Support & Response

    In April, as attacks from state violence and other issues increased with the resulting actions of FOSTA/SESTA, NJNP has doubled down on providing Rapid Response Support to our familia and have included it as a crucial part of our Trans Justice Program. NJNP’s Trans Justice From providing mutual aid & support as well as providing stipends to trans youth struggling with housing to learn how to organize.

    Mutual Aid and Community Support

    As part of NJNP's Trans Justice and Rapid Response Programs, NJNP providing Mutual Aid and Community Support in the form of: Temporary Housing -  at the NJNP House Collective or with NJNP allies who have space — for housing unstable or whose work hours extended passed the curfew at their existing housing. Housing was already a critical issue in D.C.’s TGNC Communities before the loss of Backpage and others, and as a result of the loss in income many have been unable to pay for rent, those who were in the process of getting housing lost their deposits. Employment - Helping people find jobs, assist with cover letter and resume writing, and practice interviewing. Access - Help get people IDs, correct name and gender on legal documents, open bank accounts, raising money to keep their phones on and access alternative and natural medicines. Meals - Working with community partners and allies to source meals and ingredients to make meals for struggling TGNC Community Members who stop by NJNP. Legal Support and responding to State Terror - Supporting and advocating for our friends at hearings, helping navigate the system, raising money for jail and legal defense support, signal boosting/engaging in Public Awareness Campaigns and working with community partners, organizations and volunteer lawyers to support TGNC community members in need.

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    Organizing Training Project Pilot (OTP)

    Developing organizing and leadership skills for trans folks of color most directly and disproportionately impacted by the violences that result from the criminalization of sex work to organize locally impacted communities to lead the movement to decriminalize sex work in the District of Columbia and make the District a safer space for trans, gender non-conforming (GNC), and gender expansive individuals and communities.

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  • Action

    Action: Mayor Bowser, Chief of Police Newsham, Attorney General Racine, Council member & Chair of the Judiciary Committee Charles Allen and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson truly support our Trans and GNC communities.


    of a 60,000 signature goal

    Sign the petition: Mayor Bowser, Chief of Police Newsham, Attorney General Racine, Council member & Chair of the Judiciary Committee Charles Allen and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson truly support our communities.


    Support Bill The Fare Evasion Decriminalization Act of 2017

    Sloppy policy changes, high fares, service cuts and other anti-rider initiatives that inevitably result in the criminalization of low income communities and targeting those who are already struggle to pay metro fares is the wrong way for WMATA to address their ongoing funding crisis. These policies only serve to make Metro more inaccessible to those who need access to public transportation most. Undermining access to public transportation will only worsen the racial and economic divides that plague our city, while distracting the public from the real fare evaders looting the system.

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