Trans Justice Program

Recognizing the continued marginalization and violence that hurts and kills trans people - especially trans women and especially trans women of color - we began a campaign in July 2017 with a public statement on violence against trans women of color in DC, call-in day to the MPD, and rally and march to fight for against transmisogyny and help protect and support trans people in the District of Columbia - the city with the largest recorded per capita population of trans folks in the U.S. In 2017, a year with the highest identified number of trans folks killed, we wrote a petition that we’re still circulating that’s gained more than 1,000 local signatures. 1_uLC9LOGlDhC7fwTNLqoB7A_2x.jpg

NJNP has since been involved coalitions that will help us make key parts of our vision of trans justice a reality and is playing a critical role organizing District-wide outreach, public education, and canvassing to generate public support for City Council bills that would make life safer for many trans folks. In addition to this work, in November with TWOC we hosted a Trans Night of Healing and Resistance; To ensure TGNC individuals had a police and state violence free space to be honored, be affirmed and heal in. In January, NJNP pack the court and stop a dangerous “nuisance” bill at D.C. CIty Council from ever reaching a vote, demanding that the Council schedule a hearing for the sex work decrim bill and that the Council fully fund the NEAR Act. In the beginning of April we co-organized a Canvass in Ward 6 with other Sex Worker Advocates Coalition(SWAC) Members, Collective Action For Safe Spaces, HIPS and BYP100.

With what started as a petition quickly grew into its own program within NJNP working on solutions for the issues laid out in petition. As we honed in on small victories we continued to expand our goals and the issues being worked on beyond:

  • Community safety and alternatives to incarceration -Decriminalization of Sex work, roundtable around police brutality, deprioritization of arrests around solicitation - loitering - and other petty often selectively enforced laws, etc.
  • Mayoral Accountability - Mayor Bower fulfills her campaign promises to the District of Columbia’s Trans & gender non-conforming(TGNC) and queer communities,
  • Following through on equitable access - The City reviews compliance of administrative and front line staff in all D.C. government agencies with the District’s legal protections for TGNC individuals,
  • District of Columbia forms Trans Community Taskforce - of TGNC community leaders and experts of color leading guidance as the city develops and sustains programs and policies that support these communities.

NJNP’s efforts over the past year additionally have brought to light the exceptional need in the trans community for access to healthcare, housing, immigration services, spanish speaking language services, and employment. Rampant discrimination prevents many trans and GNC people from accessing services and basic needs. All the while, NJNP has aided and supported TQGNC community members under attack from state violence and other issues.